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Safety Services Promote Knox-box Use

The Knox-Box rapid entry system is the modern method of allowing quick and safe access by emergency personnel to your home without a potentially dangerous delay while maintaining the security you desire. City homeowners are able to purchase a heavy-duty high security Knox-Box through the North Canton Fire Department. The cost is $150 to $190 for various models of Knox-Boxes depending on how it will be affixed to your home. Emergency responders have a special radio signal process and key to the box that would allow entry only in case of an emergency. Many of our residents already have contracts with medical alert companies that allow for emergency entry into their home. This system would allow quick entry into your home during an emergency without causing costly damage repairs. Visit the Knox-Box website. For more information or to inquire about ordering a Knox-Box, call the North Canton Fire Prevention Bureau at 330-499-3404.

Social Media

The North Canton Police Department is on Facebook and Twitter. The Department uses social media in an effort to get useful information out to the community and sometimes in an effort to seek assistance from the community in identifying / locating suspects of crimes. Additionally Facebook has been a useful tool in reuniting lost / found dogs with their owners.

Marsy's Law

Marsy’s Law, named for Marsy Nichols who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 1983, was enacted by voters in November 2017 as an amendment to Ohio's Constitution. California was the first state to adopt Marsy's Law in 2008; Ohio is the sixth state to adopt the constitutional amendment, also known as the Ohio Crime Victim's Bill of Rights.

Marsy’s Law shields victims from offender harassment and empowers victims by giving them legally enforceable rights. Victims also have greater access to the criminal justice system. The amendment provides victims the following rights:  

  • Be treated with fairness and respect regarding your safety, dignity, and privacy
  • Reasonable protection from the accused or anyone acting on his or her behalf
  • Refuse to answer questions from the offender or any person representing the offender
  • Proceedings that are free from unreasonable delay and a prompt conclusion of the case
  • Receive a full and timely restitution
  • Access to the attorney for the government

You may request your right to:

  • A timely notice of all public proceedings involving the crime against you and to attend them
  • Speak at any proceeding involving an offender's release, plea, sentencing, disposition, or parole 
  • Receive notice if the offender is released or escapes
  • Assert these rights yourself, through a representative, or by asking the prosecuting attorney. If your relief is denied, you may appeal to your local district court of appeals

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