Drinking Water Plant

  1. Drinking Water Plant

    Physical Address
    7300 Freedom Avenue NW
    North Canton, OH 44720

    Phone: 330-499-8223, option 2

  2. Leichtamer

    Mark Leichtamer

    Superintendent of Drinking Water Plant


The North Canton Water System originated in 1912 with the drilling of a well at the present site of Northeast 9th Street, and Northeast Orchard Avenue, together with the construction of a 50,000-gallon elevated water storage tank at Perl Court and South Main Street.

In the ten-year period (1918 to 1928) immediately following World War I, the Village experienced a steady growth in both population and land area. As a result of this growth, a second well was drilled on East Maple Street in 1928.


In the early 1930′s, the Village added a second elevated water storage tank to it’s system which had a capacity of 275,000 gallons. This 275,000 - gallon tank together with the aforementioned 50,000-gallon tank provided the system with 325,000 gallons of elevated water storage capacity in the 1930.’s. Both of these tanks have been replaced by a new 750,00 gallon capacity elevated tank which was completed near Rose Court and Church Street in 1975.

In 1938, the Village purchased land on Freedom Street, which has been occupied with two wells, the water treatment plant, and the service garage. The first Freedom Street well was drilled in 1938 and the second Freedom Street well was drilled in 1940.

The aforementioned original 1912 well was retired in 1940 and the East Maple Street well was abandoned in the early 1970′s. In 1956, the Glenwood Avenue well site was purchased and a well was drilled at this site.


In 1963, the North Canton Water System was interconnected with the Canton Water System in order to provide and “emergency intersupply” between the two systems. Further interconnections have been made with Ohio Water Service in the Belden Village Area and Applegrove Water Company in the Northeast.

The community changed from Village to City status in 1961 and, in the ensuing ten years, the City of North Canton doubled both it’s area and population. Faced with a need for a high quality portable water supply together with the need for modernization of the water system, the City began an improvements program. This program has produced the addition of the Dressler Road Wells, a new 4.0 million gallons per day design capacity and 6.0 million gallon nominal capacity water softening plant, important feeder and service mains to the distribution system, and the aforementioned new 750,00 gallon elevated water tank.


During the period of construction for these new facilities, the growth of the North Canton area continued at a rapid pace and in 1980 a fifth well was drilled at the Dressler field.

The second tower with a capacity of 1.5 million gallons was also constructed in 1980, and since that time, countless miles of new main line have been installed around the City to maintain more than adequate pressures and flows.

In 1985, a bulk soda ash silo was added to the facility to reduce chemical costs and streamline plant operations. A project updated the electrical systems of the plant; as well as, the telemetering in 1989.


Over the years, it has obviously been the City’s objective to provide optimum water quality to all its users. In order to accomplish this, water testing has been maintained equal to and above all health standards as born out by the lab facilities in the treatment plant; as well as, the frequent use of outside certified laboratories to assure the continuation of this high quality. From time to time, traces of organics have appeared in well samples and have become the center of our attention.


The City has been running certified tests in great numbers with expected results all within EPA standards. We have contracted with Ohio Drilling Co. to do a series of test wells to assure that the City’s water supply will continue at safe levels for may years to come. Recent certified test results completed in October and November show all wells free of any organics.


A sixth well was drilled at the Dressler Field in 1990. Additionally, Ohio Drilling Co. was contracted to install an interceptor well just north of the Freedom Well Field to protect the North Canton water supply from any ground water contaminants.

Future Challenges

The challenge for the system in the future will be to continue a healthful, safe drinking water that meets and exceeds the future EPA Rules and Regulations that are being promulgated on a continual basis.