Now Hiring for Full Time Laborer Position

Full-Time General Laborer – Service Center

Position includes healthcare, vacation, and paid holidays.

Position:                                                                                Salary Range:

General Laborer Entry Level to Service Worker II            $12.81 to $21.27 per hour

Note: Position and Salary based on experience and 6 month evaluation

Application should be made to the Office of the Director of Administration for those applying for the position. Experience with sanitary and storm systems is a desirable skill, so please note any experience in this area with the job request. Please include any training or certifications and submit a city application that can be found on the city’s web site (above) or obtained Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM from the Office of:

The Director of Administration, North Canton City Hall, 145 North Main Street, North Canton, Ohio 44720

The final decision on hiring rests with the Director of Administration.

City Job Application