New City Gas Aggregation Program Price Announced

A new price has been struck with our supplier Volunteer Energy for those residents in our gas aggregation program. The old rate was $3.45 per Mcf and the new rate starting in the December billing cycle and running until November 2018 will be $3.299 per Mcf.  A brief rate-change postcard will go to residents who are currently participating in the program explaining the new rate.  They will not have to take any action to remain in the program.

A more detailed opt-out letter will go to newly eligible residents (anyone who has not yet chosen a supplier).  These people will be automatically included in the program unless they take themselves out.

Any resident with questions or seeking to opt out of the program needs to call Volunteer Energy at 1-800-977-8374. It may take a few days for Volunteer Energy to update their web site link information, but city government is aware that many residents are making gas decisions and wanted to advise of the city’s new price as soon as possible to help residents make an informed decision.