Raking or Blowing Leaves or Grass Clippings Into Street Prohibited

Raking or blowing leaves or grass clippings into the street is prohibited in North Canton, as it is in a majority of municipalities. 

City Ordinance Prohibits Placing Grass in Street


There are a number of reasons for this policy.

  • First and foremost, debris blown into the street is a major problem for storm sewer systems. Leaves and grass clippings clog both grates and pipes, contributing to back-ups and/or flooding. They accumulate in the pipes, not only contributing to reduction in flow but also ponding, giving mosquitoes breeding areas. And, ultimately, if and when the leaves or grass clippings make it to the creeks, they reduce flow there as well as use up oxygen, which reduces the viability of aquatic life.  This affect further reduces water quality and if the EPA placed more restrictions on Canton’s Wastewater Treatment Plant, this would potentially cost North Canton residents additional sanitary sewer costs.
  • Leaves in the street also are a safety problem, especially when wet. Cars can easily fail to stop, sliding on wet leaves. Frozen, they present a problem for both motorists and snow removal.
  • Leaves, once they are in the street, are no longer able to be recycled but must be transported to landfills.

So, for all the foregoing reasons, North Canton has a prohibition against raking or blowing leaves or grass clippings  into the street. We request that all of our citizens comply.