Burn Permits

  1. Pay $10 fee for Burn Permit here, via mail or in person to the North Canton Permit Department located at 145 North Main Street
  2. The Fire Department will conduct an inspection of the premises within ten calendar days between the hours of 9am and 7pm.  The resident does not need to be present for the inspection if they have had a permit in the prior year.
  3. Upon approval of the inspection, a permit will be issued for the calendar year.  If the inspector finds deficiencies, they will be noted, and it will be the resident’s responsibility to call the fire department (330-499-3403 ext. 1207) once the corrective actions have been made to schedule another inspection.  The permit or deficiency report will be left on site.

Recreational Fires

For information on recreational burn permits please see the Recreational Fire Permit Information Page.