The Department of Administration is responsible to the Mayor for the general administration of the affairs of the municipality. Functions of the office include oversight of City departments, economic development initiatives, policy development, and addressing citizen concerns.

You will generally find Administration staff in the office for the general supervision and operation of administrative departments. However, you might find them out in the City, working closely with the various department heads to obtain up to the minute information on any developments and work being done by the City's dedicated employees or following up on citizen concerns.

Why do we have an Administrator and a Mayor?

The City of North Canton is a Charter City. The City Charter establishes that the responsibility for administration of the City shall be with the Mayor, as executive, and the Director of Administration. The Director of Administration is responsible to the Mayor for the general supervision and proper operation of administrative departments in the City. Having both a Mayor and an Administrator allows the City of North Canton to have the benefits of both an elected executive directly responsible to the public and a professional manager to advise them.

The Mayor appoints a Director of Administration and that individual becomes official upon confirmation by the North Canton City Council.

Responsibilities of the Department of Administration

  1. Public Policy
  2. Economic Development
  3. Oversight

The Department of Administration is the primary policy development and implementation office of the City. The Department will craft policies to suggest to City Council reflecting current areas of concern in the City. All of these policies are designed to make living in North Canton better for all residents. 

As policies are developed and implemented they will be discussed at City Council.