Wellness Program

For 2019, the City will be providing a Wellness Reimbursement Program for employees eligible for health care benefits.  This program will reimburse each eligible employee for money they spend on wellness activities such as gym memberships, personal trainers, or weight-loss classes/groups.  Please see the documents linked below for full details, but here's the basics:

The employee enrolls in the Wellness Reimbursement Program by completing the waiver form below and submitting it to the Finance Department.  At the end of the first quarter, the employee turns in proof of payment from the gym, trainer, group, etc.  The employee also turns in proof of attendance at least four times per month for each month of the quarter.  Both items should be submitted to Joe Nist in Finance.  Once the documents are reviewed and approved, the employee will receive a reimbursement check.  If the employee successfully complete all four quarters in the year, they could receive up to $500 in total reimbursements.