Registration of Residential Rental Units

What is Rental Registration?

Rental Registration requires rental units in the City of North Canton to register with the City, be inspected, and receive a rental license in order to operate.

What properties need to be registered?

Any building containing rental units, regardless of size, is required to register under the program. Rental Units do not include any of the following:

  1. Units operated as part of a state-licensed or certified healthcare facility such as a hospital, surgery recovery center, or nursing home.
  2. Units owned and operated by an accredited university and intended for use by students thereof.
  3. Units let for occupancy for a term of thirty (30) consecutive days or less as part of a state-licensed hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast.

How do I register my property?

You can register your property online through North Canton's Citizen Services portal.

Need to remove a previously registered rental? You can remove a property from the City's rental registration program through our online portal.

Why does the City have Rental Registration?

The City created the rental registration program to ensure a safe and sanitary environment for City residents in rented dwelling units. Landlords receive City approved documentation that their units are safe, clean, and all major appliances are working in order to help them attract and retain quality tenants.

What should I expect from the registration process?

The registration process requires landlords to register each rental unit online, pay the fee, schedule an inspection, and correct any issues. The Department of Development Services will then issue the landlord a rental license for each unit.

How often do I need to register?

The term of a license varies depending on the state of the property at the final or third inspection, whichever occurs first. License term is connected to the number of violations in that unit in accordance with the chart below.

Number of Violations Upon Last InspectionType of LicenseTerm of License
No more than 23-year3 yrs
3-52-year2 yrs
6-91-year1 yr
10+6-month6 months

In addition to registering once every license term, landlords must also renew registration in the event of a change in tenants. The City strongly advises landlords to reach out to the department of development services as soon as they know there will be a change in tenants so that the Department can work with the landlord to conduct inspections between tenant occupations if possible. Tenant Change Inspections can be requested online.

For regular renewals, landlords will be sent renewal reminders.

What will be inspected?

Units will be inspected for compliance with the City's existing Property Maintenance Code. For a quick list of what to look for when preparing your units for inspection checkout our basic inspection form.

What will it cost?

Cost is determined by the number of rental units in the building as shown below. Fees must be paid each time a unit is registered or a license is renewed.

  • One Rental Unit - $100
  • Two Rental Units - $150
  • Three Rental Units - $200
  • 4 or more units - $50 per unit

All registration fees include two inspections per unit. If a unit requires more than two inspections each subsequent inspection will cost an additional $50.

Failure to Register

Failure to register may result in daily fines of up to $300 as well as legal penalties.

Legal Standards

The City of North Canton rental registration program is governed by Chapter 703 of the City's Codified Ordinances.

Any appeal of an inspection result or decision related to the administration of the City's rental registration will be handled as a Property Code Appeal.

Search for a Rental Unit

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