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1. We are going on vacation. What do we need to do to have the Police Department check our house while we are gone?
2. What do I need to do when I hear the tornado siren?
3. I need fingerprints for my employment. Will the North Canton Police Department take them for me?
4. I am divorced from my spouse and my ex will not allow me to see my children as required by the court-ordered visitation. How can I get the NCPD to help me see my children?
5. I parked my car on the street in front of my house overnight and received a parking ticket. Why can’t I park on the street overnight?
6. Do I have to register my bicycle with the Police Department?
7. How do I get a copy of a report and how much does it cost?
8. My child is having problems with other children at school and/or may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Do you have someone who can help me deal with this problem?
9. What about dialing 911?
10. I have some information that I would like to tell the detective bureau about but I want to remain anonymous. Is there a way to do this?
11. I have a gun and some ammunition in my home that I no longer want. How can I safely dispose of these items?
12. How can I get the speed trailer set up on my street?
13. How do I get a job as a police officer or dispatcher with the North Canton Police Department?