About North Canton

Hoover Historic Center

The City acquired its first existence as a recognized political entity when the Village plat was recorded on February 19, 1831 as New Berlin. As a result of sentiment against Germany World War I, the name of the Village was changed to N. Canton on January 31, 1918.
N. Canton, Ohio was organized as a city effective January 1, 1962: the City is a home-rule municipal corporation operating under the laws of the State of Ohio. The City’s current charter, its municipal constitution, has been amended six times since its original adoption on November 8, 1960. The laws of the State of Ohio prevail when conflicts exist between the charter and the state constitution and in matters where the charter is silent. The City of N. Canton’s charter can only be amended by a majority vote of the City’s registered voters.

Specifications for the City of North Canton Drinking Water Plant Chemicals Are Now Available

cnc-water2-174x130The North Canton Water System originated in 1912 with the drilling of a well at the present site of 9th Street, N.E. and Orchard Avenue, N.E., together with the construction of a 50,000-gallon elevated water storage tank at Perl Court and South Main Street.

In the ten-year period (1918 – 1928) immediately following World War I, the Village experienced a steady growth in both population and land area. As a result of this growth, a second well was drilled on East Maple Street in 1928. … [Read more]

Arts & Recreation

cnc-home5-5The City of North Canton is proud to have been home to the Hoover Company. The Hoover Historical Center is located on East Maple and open to the public, offering historical insight relative to the Hoover family and the company.

The North Canton Public Library has much to offer for the residents and the surrounding community. You will find The Little Art Gallery located in the library.

If someone is looking for an enjoyable evening of entertainment, please check out the North Canton Play House.[Read more]