City Hall

City Hall

The Finance Department maintains a general accounting system for the municipality and for each of its offices, departments, and agencies. The Director of Finance is responsible for exercising financial budgetary control over each office, department, and agency and must keep separate accounts for the items of appropriation contained in the municipal budget. The Finance Department collects and disburses funds for each department of the City. These funds include payroll and health insurance benefit payments.

Income Tax Facts:

You May Locate Tax Information & Tax Form Here

The North Canton Tax Department can be reached through the contact form or by calling (330) 499-3467 Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm EST.

City Tax Changes Occurring on January 1, 2016

City income tax withholding changes to take effect 01/01/2016. Withholding changes are required per Chapter 718 of the Ohio Revised Code as amended by House Bill 5. … [Read more]

Engineering Department

Engineering & Permits / Civic CenterThe North Canton Engineering office operates under the direction of a full-time professional engineer who is also a professional surveyor. Records of maps, plats, street plans, water lines, and sewer locations are maintained.

Design plans for infrastructure improvements are done by this office or under the supervision of this office. Construction administration and inspection is accomplished. House numbers within the City are assigned. … [Read more]