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Departmental Personnel

John Stigalt – Chief Building Officer
Don Walker – Electrical, Building, Mechanical Inspector

Department Hours:
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday

845 West Maple Street
(Civic Center Building)
North Canton, Ohio 44720

Mailing Address:
145 North Main Street
North Canton, Ohio 44720

Phone Number: (330) 499-5557
Fax Number: (330) 966-3630

Notice to All Residential Builders and Contractors

On November 1, 2017 the State will be adopting the following Codes:  The 2017 Ohio Building Code, The 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code, The 2017 Ohio Plumbing Code, The 2107 National Electrical Code, The 2017 International Fuel Gas Code and the 2017 Energy Code.  Plans submitted after this date will be reviewed according to the new set of adopted codes.  Please note that there will be NO transition period from the 2011 codes to the 2017 set of codes.  The 2013 Residential Code of Ohio w/ January updates will NOT be affected.  The 2014 National Electrical Code will still be enforced for 1, 2 and 3 family homes which fall under the 2013 Residential Code of Ohio w/January 2016 updates.  However, the 2011 Ohio Plumbing Code and 2011 Ohio Mechanical Code will be the code in effect for any residential project until further notice.

Please see the documents below for more information on changes and requirements regarding the above notice:

Plan Review Process – Effective November 2017

Residential Submittal Requirements – Effective November 2017

Residential Inspection List – Effective November 2017


Notice to Designers, Builders and Contractors of Non-Residential Projects

As of November 1, 2017 the new State of Ohio Building codes become effective for non-residential projects. The following codes adopted as of November 1st are: The 2017 Ohio Building Code, the 2017 Ohio Plumbing Code, the 2017 Ohio Mechanical Code, the 2017 Ohio Energy Code, ASME A-17.1-2016 Elevator Code, NFPA 70-2107 National Electrical Code, NFPA 72-2016, NFPA-13-2016. Any construction documents submitted to the North Canton Building Department shall comply with the new State adopted codes.

Attention Plumbing Contractors

As of November 1, 2017, the new State of Ohio Plumbing Code becomes effective for non-residential projects.  The North Canton Building Department is bringing to your attention the current testing requirements as outlined in Section 312.  There are no exceptions to the testing requirements except as contained within Section 312.  Therefore, you are encouraged to have yourself become familiar with these requirements, so your inspections are not found to be non-compliant because of improper testing methods or procedures.


The Permits & Development Department is a combination of several divisions, including but not limited to:

  • Building – commercial and residential
  • Contractors/Journeymen Registration
  • Water Connections – Sewer
  • Inspections
  • Zoning
  • Nuisances
  • Housing
  • Economic Development

The North Canton Permits and Development office is responsible for plan review, permit issuance, and code inspections for commercial and residential construction and renovation. In addition we conduct zoning, housing, and nuisance inspections and issue Zoning Certificates and Occupancy Certificates. We test and register contractors and journeymen, issue water connection permits, raze building permits and sewer permits.

It is our hope the information contained on this site will be of assistance to our residents and contractors. However, due to the complex nature of some of these processes, we urge you to call or stop in prior to beginning any construction project, so we may provide guidance and information.

Ohio E-Codes

Codified Ordinances (Zoning Ordinances)

Burn Permit Process

  1. Pay $10 fee for Burn Permit online, via mail or in person to the North Canton Permits & Development Dept.
  2. The Fire Department will call to schedule an inspection of the premises.
  3. Upon approval of the inspection, a pink Burn Permit will be issued immediately.

Inspections are typically Fridays & Saturdays.  Alternate arrangements can be made through the Fire Department by calling (330) 499-3404.

For information on recreational burn permits please see the FIRE/EMS page and click on the left hand side link Recreational Fire Permit Information.

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Contractor Registration
Renewal Process

  1. Pay $150 fee for Contractor Registration Renewal online, via mail or in person to the North Canton Permits & Development Dept.
  2. Your receipt of payment is evidence of renewal subject to all appropriate paperwork being on file with the Permits & Development office.

All Contractor Permits are annual based on the calendar year. See below to download a Contractor Registration Packet with Application.

Home Construction Pay Online

For a list of all forms and permit applications please see the FIND A FORM page

For information on recreational burn permits please see the FIRE/EMS page and click on the left hand side link Recreational Fire Permit Information

For information on Specifications for Driveways & Aprons  in Residential Districts click on the following:
Driveway Specifications

Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration

All Contractors/Journeymen/Apprentice MUST be Registered with City of North Canton to work in City of North Canton

In order to perform work and become registered in the City of North Canton, the following Contractors must be licensed by the State of Ohio:

Fire Suppression
Fire and Smoke Alarms

The following contractors must register annually with the Permits & Development Department in order to perform work inside the City of North Canton:

Alarms, fire, smoke & security
Underground Fire Service Line Installer
General Contractor – Commercial, Residential, Remodeling
Swimming Pool
Sewer Tapper/Excavator
Roofing – Commercial & Residential

Structural Steel
Gas Line Installer
Other Contractors as required by CBO

Home Construction Pay Online
Make all checks out to: City of North Canton

If paying with cash – please bring exact amount, we do not have a cash drawer.