Street Department

City of North Canton Street DepartmentThis Department consists of three separate entities; The Street Department, The Storm Sewer Department, and the Sign Department.

The responsibilities of the Street Department are many, including street repair, filling potholes, curb repair, salting and plowing during the snow season, landscape repair, and various other work around the city.

The Department consists of a five man crew, five 2 1/2 ton dump trucks for salting and plowing, three utility pickup trucks, a small dump truck for patching, a loader, a backhoe, and a blacktop roller. There is in excess of 81 miles of road in the City.

The responsibilities of the Storm Sewer Department include; catch basin repairs and rebuilds, and any problems that develop with the underground storm sewer system. This could include repairing and replacing old or collapsed storm pipe, or the clean out of clogged pipes in the system.

City of North Canton Street DepartmentThe Department consists of the same five man crew that are in the Street Department, who work back and forth in each Department. The equipment available in the Storm Sewer Department includes: a 2 1/2 ton block truck for catch basin work, a Whirlwind street sweeper, and any of the Street Department equipment when necessary.

The responsibilities of the Sign Department include; installing and repairing street name signs, all traffic signs, and traffic lights within the city. The Department also paints intersection crosswalks and caution signs around all of the North Canton schools. It is also responsible for construction detour traffic control and accident cleanup.

This Department consists of one man, a bucket truck, a panel sign truck, and a sign making machine. As with each of the other two Departments, additional manpower is available from the other Departments as necessary.

City of North Canton Street Department

City workers from Street, Water, Sewer, and Drinking Water worked together many long hours during last winter’s late snowfall removing lots of snow and keeping our streets free of ice!

Snow Removal Policy

It is the City’s policy to remove snow as quickly and efficiently as possible from both the main streets and the “secondary” residential streets. Normally, the City uses salt for snow removal. In the event of larger snowfalls, the City then resorts to plowing in conjunction with salting. The City’s goal is to provide safe streets for its residents.


The City must remain flexible in the face of varying weather, temperatures, and lengths of storms. The following is a list of some of the major variables that affect the City’s snow removal efforts.

Street Department


When City crews plow snow, the plowing cannot remove all the snow covering, leaving behind a light covering of snow. That remaining snow covering is treated with salt, normally at the conclusion of plowing operations.


To avoid wasting salt, salting of streets is cut back or curtailed in extremely low temperatures, as salt is ineffective at temperatures below twenty (20) degrees.

Length of Storm:

In the event an extended storm is projected, City crews must react to ensure that salt is used effectively.

Wind Conditions:

High winds can, especially in lower temperature ranges, cause salt to be ineffective and/or cause drifting, requiring plowing. Potentially either may reduce or postpone salting to avoid wasting salt.

Amount of Projected Snow:

In high snowfalls, salt cannot melt through inches of snow. Snowfalls in excess of two (2) inches require plowing. Salting may occur intermittently and/or at the conclusion of plowing, as the conditions require.

Street DepartmentLow Salt Supply Measures:

The City is constantly monitoring its salt supply, and immediately orders more salt as it is used. However, there have been (and may be) times when, beyond the City’s control, delivery of salt is slower than the City’s use, and our supply of salt is low. In that event, salting secondary/side streets would be curtailed in favor of the main streets.

Have questions, comments or suggestions for North Canton’s Street Department? The Street Department can be reached by e-mail or by calling (330) 499-1528.