Utility Department

Water Billing Administration

The Utility Department is responsible for utility billing and collections for over 9,000 customers. Utilities provided by the City are water, sewer, and garbage service. To better service our customers, we are currently replacing manual read water meters with new electronic scanable meters.

2018 Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule

Water Rate Increase – Effective on Your June 1, 2017 Bill

Kimble Refuse/Recycling Information Letter

Water, Sewer, Trash Service Enrollment

Senior citizens and permanently disabled residents are eligible for a special residential water rate reduction program to aid certain elderly and disabled homeowners for a fifty percent (50%) reduction in their water fees.

To qualify for this program, residents must:

  1. own and reside in a primary residence in the City of North Canton, Ohio; and
  2. are 65 years of age with an income level (combined income level, if applicable) of $27,000 or below; or
  3. the homeowner is disabled

In order to qualify for this program residents of the City must provide proof of income level (i.e. 1040) and/or disability (i.e. social security document identifying disability information).  North Canton Residential Water Rate Reduction Program Application.

To contact the Utility Department call 330-499-4801, Monday – Friday 8 am – 4:30 pm.

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