Zoning & Building Standards Board of Appeals

City Hall

The North Canton Zoning and Building Standards Board of Appeals has five (5) members, appointed by the Mayor for five (5) year staggered terms. The Board hears appeals from property owners aggrieved by decisions rendered by City building and zoning officials, and may grant variances from zoning regulations.

The North Canton Zoning Board meetings are public and generally held at 6:00 P.M. on the 4th Tuesday of each month in City Council Chambers.

For further information regarding the Board, please contact the Permits Clerk at 330-499-5557.

The current Board Chairman is Mr.William Cline. The current Vice Chairman is Mr. Brian Mihalcin.

William Cline  12-31-2019
Samuel Bacon, Jr. 12-31-2020
Marilyn Weaver 12-31-2018
Brian Mihalcin 12-31-2017
Clint Zollinger   12-31-2018

Non-Voting Members:

Council Member – President Daniel Jeff Peters
Mike Grimes, Director of Administration
Gary Fry, Supt. Permits & Inspection – Secretary