City Services

City Services

It is the City’s policy to remove snow as quickly and efficiently as possible from both the main streets and the “secondary” residential streets. Normally, the City uses salt for snow removal. In the event of larger snowfalls, the City then resorts to plowing in conjunction with salting. The City’s goal is to provide safe streets for its residents.

Street Department

Street DepartmentThis Department consists of three separate entities; The Street Department, The Storm Sewer Department, and the Sign Department.

The responsibilities of the Street Department are many, including street repair, filling potholes, curb repair, salting and plowing during the snow season, landscape repair, and various other work around the city.

The Department consists of a five man crew, five 2 1/2 ton dump trucks for salting and plowing, three utility pickup trucks, a small dump truck for… [Read more]

Curbside Recycling Program

Curbside Recycling ProgramLocal students learn and participate in recycling through their homes and schools!

Acceptable Household Products

Now Plastic: #1 through #7

There is a recycling number on the bottom of every plastic container. Those with a #1 through #7 can be recycled. Examples are plastic containers for soft drinks,… [Read more]