Curbside Recycling Program

Curbside Recycling Program
Local students learn and participate in recycling through their homes and schools!

Acceptable Household Products


Now Plastic: #1 through #7

There is a recycling number on the bottom of every plastic container. Those with a #1 through #7 can be recycled.  Examples are plastic containers for soft drinks, milk, juices, distilled water, ketchup and mustard bottles, cream cheese containers, Cool Whip containers, salad dressing bottles, microwaveable food containers, margarine tubs, baby milk bottles, shampoo bottles, hand soap bottles, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, etc.

(Please rinse out all containers and remove caps and lids.)


Bottles and jars for soft drinks, pickles, alcoholic beverages, mayonnaise, etc.


Soup cans, coffee cans, soft drink cans, fruit & vegetables cans, seafood cans, etc.


Newspapers & inserts, cardboard boxes, telephone books, junk mail, catalogs, magazines & cereal boxes

Unacceptable Household Products


Plastic film containers, food wrap, packing material, styrofoam, automotive fluid containers, chemical or pesticide containers


Light bulbs, mirrors, safety glass, ceramic dishes, oven cookware, pottery, crystal, window or auto glass


Aluminum food trays, chairs, foil, containers that hold hazardous materials such as waxes and lawn/garden chemicals, pressurized containers, hangers, pots & pans


Paper containing paper clips or staples

Household Batteries can now be dropped off at City Hall – drop off containers just inside door from parking lot.


Put your recyclables curbside by 6:00am on your regular trash pickup day, approximately 3 feet away from your regular trash with the lid opening facing the street

When recycling cardboard, please cut down cardboard to the size of your recycling bin or 2’ x 2’

Curbside Recycling Program

Recycling Tips:

  • Do not break glass
  • Remove and discard all caps and lids
  • Labels do not need to be removed
  • Clean, rinse and drain all containers

Still Need A Recycling Tote ?

If you still need a bright green heavy-duty recycle cart – Stop by City Hall Utility Desk or call 330-499-4801

For further information contact the City Utility Department at 330-499-4801.

Annual Total Tonnage

Residents can contact the Utility Department at (330) 499-4801 or the Administration Office at (330) 499-5801 to request a recycling cart for participation in the City’s recycling program.

Curbside Recycling Program
Total Tons Recycled

2002 409.52
2003 542.07
2004 608.80
2005 611.13
2006 925.20
2007 774.17
2008 893.89
2009 838.69
2010 857.48
2011 855.53
2012 888.86
2013 945.57
2014 1306.25
2015 1350.22
2016 1349.96
2017 629.92 thru June 2017

Curbside Leaf Recycling Program
Total Tons Recycled

2002 83.12
2003 185.25
2004 249.30
2005 272.10
2006 315.90
2007 429.00
2008 336.14
2009 737.82
2010 653.44
2011 636.80
2012 525.32
2013 402.84
2014 517.43
2015 441.18
2016 442.66
no further reports