Mosquito Spraying

During summer months, mosquito spraying is generally done once a month, dependent upon the mosquito population.

When spraying is scheduled, the City does a Press Release to inform residents at least 3 to 5 days in advance through the Canton Repository, the Beacon Journal, WHBC and in the News section & Calendar section of this web site.  Spraying is usually done over a 4 day period beginning in the Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and lastly the Southwest. If any of these scheduled days are rainy, or if we have high winds, the fogging will be rescheduled for the following week, Monday through Thursday.

People with respiratory problems should take appropriate action. Beekeepers should take the necessary precautions to protect their hives.

Residents can contact the Mayor’s office at any time to find out if spraying is scheduled or to register any complaints of high mosquito population at (330) 499-5081.