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Thanks to the North Canton Heritage Society, we were given a black and white picture and the history as they knew it. We were later informed by Nan DeMusey that there was a painting of the picture done by Ellesworth P. Smith, a former resident of North Canton. After providing the City with a copy, we wanted to share it with the public!

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program

The North Canton Community is a special place to live, learn, work and play. Community members care about what goes on in their neighborhoods. When the need arises they step forward to help other neighbors, who might be suffering through a disaster, facing hard times, or maybe at an age where they are just not able to keep up with property maintenance. In many cases, there are people who want to help and people who need help but are never matched up.

What is the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program?

The Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program facilitates at a community level, matching up those who would like… [Read more]

North Canton Community Disaster Relief Fund

What is the North Canton Community Disaster Relief Fund?

The North Canton Community Disaster Relief Fund (NCCDRF) is a fund to assist citizens of the City of North Canton (with an immediate need) for expenses not normally covered by operating insurance after natural or man-made catastrophic disasters. Disasters within the scope of the North Canton Community Disaster Relief Fund are those natural occurrences (e.g., tornado, flood, fire, drought, sinkhole, hurricane, earthquake) or negligent, intentional or criminal acts of man, that cause catastrophic loss having a direct and substantial adverse financial impact on the citizens of North Canton. A local community declaration from city services … [Read more]