Police Department—FAQ

We are going on vacation. What do we need to do to have the Police Department check our house while we are gone?

Call the dispatcher @ 330-499-5911 and give them the following information: Your name and address, date leaving, date returning, key-holder, name and phone number of who to contact in an emergency, and if you are leaving any lights on. They will enter that information in the computer so it will be available if there are any problems in your neighborhood. We also recommend that you have a family member or close friend check your residence periodically while you are away.

What do I need to do when I hear the tornado siren?

The siren is activated to warn the citizens that the National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning in Stark County. You should proceed to the basement of your house and tune to a local radio or television station for further information. If you do not have a basement, then you should take shelter in an interior closet. You should avoid calling the Police or Fire Department for information about the siren. The siren is tested on the first Monday of the month at noon for one minute.

I need fingerprints for my employment. Will the North Canton Police Department take them for me?

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has mandated that all civilian background requests after May 31, 2006 have to be submitted electronically. Our police department does not currently have the capability to submit fingerprints electronically so we will no longer be able to process this type of fingerprint request. Locations available to have this done and the amount charged can be found by visiting: www.webcheck.ag.state.oh.us/webcheckcommunity.htm

I am divorced from my spouse and my ex will not allow me to see my children as required by the court-ordered visitation. I want the North Canton Police Department to help me see my children.

Marriages, divorces, child custody, and child visitation are covered by the civil laws of the State of Ohio. Law Enforcement officers generally cannot enforce civil laws of the state. We would respond to all requests over child custody/visitation disputes to ensure no violence occurred or that no other laws were violated. If it is only a dispute over visitation, both parties would be referred to their private attorneys to file the appropriate contempt of court charges with the court that issued the order. If there were criminal statutes violated, then appropriate action will be taken.

I parked my car on the street in front of my house overnight and received a parking ticket. Why can’t I park on the street overnight?

North Canton City Ordinance Section 351.14 prohibits on street parking between the hours of 2:00 am-6:00 am for longer than thirty minutes everyday. The Police Department does grant temporary permission for a night to individuals that need to park on the street because of special occasions. Contact the Police Dispatcher @ 330-499-5911 for authorization.

Do I have to register my bicycle with the Police Department?

The City requires that all residents register their bicycles with the department. This can be done anytime in person by completing a registration card at the department. Owners will be issued a sticker for the bicycle that is valid for as long as you own the bicycle. The cost is $1.00 per bicycle. The license will help the Police Department return the bicycle to you if the bicycle is lost or stolen.

How do I get a copy of a report and how much does it cost?

Copies of reports can be requested either by mail or in person. If requesting by mail please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope. If the request is for 19 pages or less, then there is no charge for the copies. Cost for requests for twenty pages or more are set at 5 cents per page. You should advise us if you are also requesting photographs related to the report. These are provided at cost. You can telephone 330-499-5911 to check and see if a report has been processed and is available.

My child is having problems with other children at school and/or may be abusing drugs or alcohol. Do you have someone who can help me deal with this problem?

First you should notify the school principal of the problem. After that, the police department provides the services of a school resource officer (SRO) if your child attends a North Canton School or lives inside the City Limits of North Canton. You may call the department at 330-499-5911 and ask to speak to or leave a message for the SRO.

What about dialing 911?

9-1-1 should be dialed when an ambulance, fire unit, or a police officer is needed at a particular location for an emergency. When you dial 9-1-1, a Stark County 9-1-1 tele- communications operator located at the Stark County Safety Building receives your call. The dispatcher determines what agency and type of emergency that you have. This information is forwarded to the North Canton Police Department if the emergency is in our jurisdiction. Your address will automatically print out on both a printer and a dispatcher’s computer monitor. The dispatcher will automatically start the appropriate response to the location. If it is safe to do so, please stay on the line so that the dispatcher can obtain additional and current information. Remember to speak clearly and slowly.

I have some information that I would like to tell the detective bureau about but I want to remain anonymous. Is there a way to do this?

The detective bureau maintains an anonymous tip line that is answered by an answering machine. Anyone can call 330-966-3633 to leave a non-emergency tip.

I have a gun and some ammunition in my home that I no longer want. How can I safely dispose of these items

If you have a gun or ammo that you no longer want and you do not have a safe means of disposal, call the Department and set up a time to turn them in to the Department. You will be required to sign an authorization form allowing the Department to have the item destroyed.

How can I get the speed trailer set up on my street?

The Department utilizes a speed trailer to check speeds, display real time speeds, and count cars in various spots throughout the city. If you would like the trailer set up in your neighborhood or business area, call the Department at 330-499-5911 and leave a message for the Chief of Police.

How do I get a job as a police officer or dispatcher with the North Canton Police Department?

The North Canton Civil Service Commission handles applications for full-time positions as an officer or dispatcher. The Commission sets the qualifications and conducts testing for the positions. If you complete an application with their office, they will notify you when testing is being conducted. If you mark an application for both a full-time and part-time position, the Commission will forward a copy to the Police Department for consideration on the part-time request. The Civil Service Commission is located at City Hall and is open Monday – Friday, 8 A.M. – 4:30 P.M. Their telephone number is 330-499-3986. Applicants wishing only a part-time position should ask for an application from the dispatch center at the Police Department. This can be done any time of the day. Completed applications will be forwarded to the Chief of Police.