2010 Legislation

Ordinance No. 1-10 Recreational Trail Grant

Ordinance No. 2-10 – Anti-Retaliation Policy

Resolution No. 3-10 Street Levy

Resolution No. 4-10 EMS Levy

Ordinance No. 5-10 CRA Expansion

Ordinance No. 6-10 Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Purchase

Resolution No. 7-10 Renewal Levy – Street Improvements

Resolution No. 8-10 Additional Tax Levy – Funds Ambulance & EMS Service

Ordinance No. 9-10 Amending Section 24 Authorized Manpower of Ord. No. 10-89 Police Personnel

Ordinance No. 10-10 Main St. Waterline Project (Applegrove to Wilbur)

Ordinance No. 11-10 7th St. Waterline Replacement Project (Main to Weber)

Ordinance No. 12-10 Rose Lane Waterline Replacement Project (Tanglewood to Woodside)

Ordinance No. 13-10 Grassmere Waterline Extension Project (Grassmere to Monticello)

Ordinance No. 14-10 Street Repair

Ordinance No. 15-10 East Maple Street Resurfacing (Taft Ave. to Marquardt Ave. NE)

Ordinance No. 16-10 North Main Reconstruction Phave V (7th St. to Applegrove St.)

Ordinance No. 17-10 Main Street Resurfacing (Rose Lane to 7th St.)

Ordinance No. 18-10 Appropriations for current expenses and other expenditures

Resolution No. 19-10 Memorandum of Understanding 9-1-1 Dispatch City & Stark Council of Gov.

Ordinance No. 20-10 Upgrade of rear entrance doors at City Hall

Ordinance No. 21-10 Lease purchase Toro Groundmaster Lawnmower

Ordinance No. 22-10 Supplemental appropriation re

Ordinance No. 23-10 Prof. Serv. Agreement for Design of East Maple Street Recon. Project

Ordinance No. 24-10 Reduction of Speed Limit on East Maple – DEFEATED

Ordinance No. 25-10 Contract for purchase of Sodium Chloride – participate through ODOT

Resolution No. 26-10 Support and authorizaiton Hoovr World War II Veterans Memorial

Ordinance No. 27-10 Planning Commission Minutes Transcribed

Ordinance No. 28-10 Zoning & Bldg. Standards Board of Appeals Minutes Transcribed

Ordinance No. 29-10 115 Rules of Council – Transcript Specific Comm. Minutes

Ordinance No. 30-10 Main Street Resurfacing Project (Rosewood to 7th)

Ordiance No. 31-10 Purchase of Two Marked Police Cruisers

Ordinance No. 32-10 Design – Hoover District Street Rehab/Replacment Project

Ordinance No. 33-10 Aqua Agreement

Ordinance No. 34-10 Establishing Duties & Respon. for Position of Director of Law

Ordinance No. 35-10 Establishing Per Diem Rate for City of North Canton Law Department

Ordinance No. 37-10 Establishing Rental Rates and Policies for North Canton Civic Center

Ordinance No. 38-10 Authorizing NC PD to apply for DARE funding

Ordinance No. 39-10 Dedication Plat and Improvemetns re Waterside Business Park

Ordinance No. 40-10 Vacation of Temporary Storm Sewer Easement

Ordinance No. 41-10 Note Legislation re Arrowhead Country Club

Ordinance No. 42-10 Agree. between City of North Canton and Bd. of Stk. Cty. Comm./Block Grant for Hower St. NE and witwer St. NE Sanitary Sewer Replacement

Ordinance No. 43-10 Auth. Supp. Approp. from Unapprop. Resources to Capital Improv. to Park Dept. Equip.

Ordinance No. 44-10 Adopt. Solid Waste Management Plan

Ordinance No. 45-10 Director of Law to provide written approval of all contracts as to form & content

Ordinance No. 46-10 Amend. Chapter 927.07 RATES for sewer

Ordinance No. 47-10 Establish rental rate of $40 for reserv. of picnic shelters

Ordinance No. 48-10 Utilize grant for purchase of exhaust systems for Fire Stations

Ordinance No. 49-10 Transfer of funds re necess exp and adj – DEFEATED

Ordinance No. 50-10 Enter into agree Canton-North Canton Sewer Agr Supp

Ordinance No. 51-10 Enter into collective bargaining DWP employees

Ordinance No. 52-10 Accept. recommendations Tax Incentive Review Council – continue CRA Agree.

Ordinance No. 53-10 Enter into Collect. Bargain. Agr. between NC Firefighter & Paramedic & City

Ordinance No. 54-10 Cont. between Perry Twsp. Police & Stk. Cty. OVI Task Force

Ordinance No. 55-10 Lease between City & North Canton Little League for water irrigation

Ordinance No. 56-10 Pay’t to Plain Twsp. for property tax reparations

Ordinance No. 57-10 Approp. funds WTP Exp. & Improve. – Inside Water Lines & Facilities & Sewer Accts.

Ordinance No. 58-10 Amend. Chapter 533, Obscenity & Sex Offenses

Ordinance No. 59-10 Establish rate of compensation of Interim Director of Admin./Engineer for City

Ordinance No. 60-10 Establish rate of compensation of Interim Director of Admin. Services for City

Ordinance No. 61-10 Election on issue of alcohol sales & consumption and Civic Center

Resolution No. 62-10 Alternative Tax Budget

Ordinance No. 63-10 Annexation Petition Authorization

Ordinance No. 64-10 Codifidation Update

Ordinance No. 65-10 Design re Main Street Signal Coordination Project

Ordinance No. 66-10 Change Order re Design of North Main Reconstruction Phase V Project

Ordinance No. 67-10 OPWC Grant re North Mina reconstruction Project Phase VI

Ordinance No. 68-10 OPWC Grant re East Maple Street Reconstruction (Main to Taft)

Ordinance No. 69-10 OPWC Loan re Lynbrook Street Sewer Replacement (Clearmount to Pineview)

Ordinance No. 70-10 Supplemental Appropriation re N.Main St Phase V (7th Street to Applegrove)

Ordinance No. 71-10 Supplemental Appropriation re Portage St / W.Park Sewer Project

Resolution No. 72-10 Phase II Veterans Memorial

Ordinance No. 73-10 Asst Director of Law/Mayor’s Court Prosecutor

Ordinance No. 74-10 – Donation of Fire Department Equipment to Stark State

Ordinance No. 75-10 Recycling Makes Sense Grant

Ordinance No. 76-10 City Bldg Renovations RESCINDED 11-3-10

Ordinance No. 77-10 Waterline RESCINDED 11-3-10

Ordinance No. 78-10 Tax Exempt Bond re Fairways fna Arrowhead

Ordiance No. 79-10 DEFEATED 10/25/10 Tax Exempt Sewer Bond

Ordinance No. 80-10 Tax Exempt Bond re Street Improvements

Ordinance No. 81-10 DEFEATED 10/11/10 Tax Exempt Waterline Bond

Resolution No. 82-10 Cash Balance Policy

Ordinance No. 83-10 City Auction

Ordinance No. 84-10 Sale of Two Variable Speed Drives

Ordinance No. 85-10 Fire Loss Prevention/Recovery

Resolution No. 86-10 MOU re Countywide 9-1-1 Dispatching Project

Ordinance No. 87-10 CVS Waterline Ext and Easement

Ordinance No. 88-10 Supplemental Approp re Swimming Pool Filter

Resolution No. 89-10 Accepting and Certifying Property Tax Rates

Ordinance No. 90-10 Tax Exempt Waterline Bond (Frank Road/Applegrove)

Ordinance No. 91-10 Tax Exempt Bond re City Hall/Civic Center Roof & Renovations – Salt Storage Shed

Ordinance No. 92-10 Tax Exempt Bond re Oster Waterline

Ordinance No. 93-10 Self-Insured Health Insurance Program

Resolution No. 94-10 Cafeteria Plan

Ordinance No. 95-10 Amendment to Chapter 935 Water Lines and Hydrants

Ordinance No. 96-10 Professional Services Contract re Interim Director of Finance

Ordinance No. 99-10 2010 Interim Budget

Ordinance No. 100-10 Supplemental Appropriation of Funds

Ordinance No. 101-10 – 2010 Advancement of Funds Re: Hoover District

Ordinance No. 102-10 Addendum to City of North Canton and R&S Golf Properties, Inc. Lease

Ordinance No. 103-10 Receive Drinking Water Treatment Plant Chemicals Bids

Ordinance No. 104-10 Issuance and Sale of Bonds

Ordinance No. 105-10 Annexation of City Property (Luzio)

Ordinance No. 106-10 Cell Phone Policy

Ordinance No. 107-10 Credit Card Policy

Ordinance No. 109-10 Amendment to Part Time Salaries & Wages

Ordinance No. 110-10 Supplemental Appropriation re EMS Salaries & Wages