Mayor’s Office

davidheldThe City of North Canton is a Charter form of government. The Mayor of the City is elected by the popular vote of the residents for a two-year term to begin on the first day of December following the election. As the elected executive of the City, the Mayor is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and ordinances, and for control and proper operation of all administrative departments and divisions as provided by the Charter.

The current Mayor, David J. Held, appointed Director of Administration Michael J. Grimes, who is responsible for the general administration of the affairs of the City.

Under the Charter, the Mayor shall be responsible for preparation of a schedule of anticipated expenditures for the next succeeding fiscal year which must be presented to Council by June 15. The Mayor shall be responsible for the proper execution of appropriation ordinances of Council and he shall sign all contracts, conveyances, evidences of indebtedness and all other instruments to which the City is a party.

The Mayor shall be recognized as the official and ceremonial head of Government by the Governor for military purposes and by the court for the purpose of serving civil processes. He shall have all the judicial powers granted by the general laws of Ohio to Mayors of municipalities of the class of North Canton

The Mayor can choose and make appointments to the various Boards and Commissions of the City of North Canton; and he, along with the Director of Administration, the Director of Law, and the Director of Finance make up the Board of Control which meets to vote on the award of all contracts over $50,000.00.

Mayor Held is cognizant of the many issues and needs and desires of the City’s residents. His office and Administrative Assistants are available to work with the residents on any matters that may affect them.

The City of North Canton Board of Control

The City of North Canton Board of Control consists of

The Mayor – David Held

Director of Finance – Laura Brown

Director of Administration – Michael J. Grimes

Law Director – Timothy Fox

The Mayor may, within the amount appropriated by Council, make purchases and enter into contracts on behalf of the municipality involving expenditures in amounts as established from time to time by Section 735.05 of the OHIO REVISED CODE. No expenditures in excess of $50,000.00 shall be entered into without prior approval of the Board of Control.

All meetings of the Board of Control shall be open to the public. All actions of the Board of Control shall be by a vote of a majority of the members of the Board of Control.