Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Services Building


Two Advanced Life Support Ambulances, a fire engine, and a chase vehicle are presently housed at Station 2, located at 345 7th Street NE.

The North Canton Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services, is staffed 24 hours a day and responds to emergency EMS and Fire calls with full-time and part-time personnel.


The NCFD EMS is staffed by eleven full-time Paramedics and twenty part-time Paramedics or Basics, who responds to emergencies with either 4 or 5 personnel on duty. Most of the staff are crossed trained as firefighters. Additionally, Station 1, on Main Street, assists EMS when a third or possibly even fourth call is received, by responding in one of the two ambulances which are housed at Station 1.


As of 2015, in a continuing effort to maintain the highest standards of treatment and proficiency for our citizens, NCFD EMS partnered with Summa Center for EMS, of Akron. Monthly, our personnel participate in continuing education classes with Doctors and Instructors from Summa. Topics such as: 

  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Basic Trauma Life Support
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Pediatric Advanced Life Support
  • Trauma Triage

and many more topics of interest are presented to NCFD EMS


The Fire Department continues to provide medical support for the North Canton Police Department. NCFD EMS has 4 trained Emergency Response Team (ERT) Medics to assist in potentially hazardous situations. The ERT personnel continues training of new procedures and tactics.

Certified Education Center

NCFD EMS continues to be a state certified educational center for continuing education for all levels of pre-hospital providers. NCFD EMS continues to provide speakers to organizations to raise public awareness to the opportunities available locally to aid in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and the services offered by the EMS.


The goal of the NCFD EMS is to deliver to all who depend on our services a timely response with professional, highly skilled personnel to render effective Emergency Medical care.

STEMI Cup Award

The NCFD EMS is a three time recipient of the STEMI (ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction) Cup Award, an award presented by Mercy Emergency Chest Pain Center to the squad achieving the best "door to artery opening time," within a six month period.  The NCFD EMS has received this award three consecutive years in a row.

2018:  7 minutes & 58 seconds                                                                                             2017:  16 minutes & 0 seconds                                                                                             2016:  7 minutes & 0 seconds

When an artery in the heart becomes blocked, that area of the heart begins to die, so opening that artery ASAP is very crucial.1521229198900