Building & Permits

The Building and Permits Department is made up of several divisions, including but not limited to, Building, Housing, Nuisances, Water Connections, and Zoning.

The Building and Permits Department is responsible for managing Plan Review, Permit Issuance, and Code Inspections for commercial and residential construction and renovation.  In addition, Zoning, Housing, and Nuisance inspections are conducted, as well as issuance of Zoning and Occupancy Certificates.

SAFEbuiltOn November 5, 2018, we welcomed SAFEbuilt to the community.  SAFEbuilt provides building and community development related services to municipalities and public agencies.  The City has contracted with SAFEbuilt to take over Building Department operations.

All contractors are required to register with the City of North Canton through the Building and Permits Department.  This is inclusive of projects to be completed that do not require a permit.

The information contained on this site is meant to be of assistance to the residents, property and business owners, and contractors of North Canton. However, due to the complex nature of some of these processes, we urge you to please call or stop in prior to beginning any construction project so we may provide guidance and/or information.

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