Drinking Water Plant


Over the years, it has obviously been the City’s objective to provide optimum water quality to all its users. In order to accomplish this, water testing has been maintained equal to and above all health standards as born out by the lab facilities in the treatment plant; as well as, the frequent use of outside certified laboratories to assure the continuation of this high quality. From time to time, traces of organics have appeared in well samples and have become the center of our attention.


The City has been running certified tests in great numbers with expected results all within EPA standards. We have contracted with Ohio Drilling Co. to do a series of test wells to assure that the City’s water supply will continue at safe levels for many years to come. Recent certified test results completed in October and November show all wells free of any organics.

Future Challenges

The challenge for the system in the future will be to continue a healthful, safe drinking water that meets and exceeds the future EPA Rules and Regulations that are being promulgated on a continual basis.