Gas Aggregation



North Canton, Ohio (April 5, 2022) – North Canton officials would like to alert residents who participate in the community’s natural gas aggregation program, that they are likely to receive a notice from the local utility company, Dominion Energy Ohio (Dominion). That notice will inform them that they are being returned to Dominion’s default supply service. The program’s natural gas supplier, Volunteer Energy Services (Volunteer) filed for bankruptcy protection on March 25, 2022, and is cancelling their contracts with over 200,000 Ohio customers, many of whom are served through 139 governmental aggregations similar to North Canton’s program.

Residents should know that they will continue to receive uninterrupted supply of natural gas and Dominion will continue to bill them as normal. The only change you will see on your bill, is Dominion’s Standard Choice Offer (SCO) will now be shown where Volunteer’s supply charges used to appear.

Mayor, Stephan Wilder, said, "We are disappointed that Volunteer will no longer honor the contract that has served our residents so well. Fortunately, this is happening as springtime approaches and natural gas usage will drop off sharply.” The Mayor added, “We are already working with our consultant to seek new supplier offers and hope to restart our program later this summer. When that happens, you will be notified how to join the program.”

Patrick De Orio, Director of Administration, reminds residents that “The aggregation program is simply another option for residents in their attempts to manage their natural gas costs. We are pleased to offer the program, and it has provided savings since receiving voter approval in 2004. Other options for residents, include seeking offers on their own, or remaining with Dominion’s monthly variable SCO rate.” For residents seeking to shop for offers, they should visit the PUCO’s Apples-to-Apples chart at

Volunteers’ bankruptcy proceeding is ongoing and is a fluid situation. If residents have questions, they should direct them to: Volunteer at 1-800-977-8374, or Dominion at (800) 362-7557. The PUCO Call Center is also available to assist consumers with questions, complaints or general assistance navigating their energy choice options. Consumers can call (800) 686-PUCO (7826).