Director of Administration


The North Canton City Charter establishes that the responsibility for administration of the City shall be with the Mayor, as executive, and the Director of Administration, who shall be responsible to the Mayor for the general administration of the affairs of the municipality.

North Canton City Hall

Charter City

The City of North Canton is a Charter City. Through this Charter, the Mayor appoints a Director of Administration and that individual becomes official upon confirmation by the North Canton City Council. The Director of Administration is responsible to the Mayor for the general supervision and proper operation of administrative departments in the City.


The Mayor and Director of Administration have offices located in City Hall. Administrative staff is available to answer most or all questions or concerns residents may have. City staff maintain and communicate all pertinent information to the Director and Mayor for any issues that may need immediate attention.

You will find Mr. De Orio in his office on a regular basis for the general supervision and proper operation of the administrative departments. On occasion you might find him out in the City, working closely with the various department heads to obtain up to the minute information on any developments and work being done by the Engineering, Service and Safety Departments.  The North Canton City Charter establishes the Department of Service and the Department of Safety. 

Department of Service

The following departments are in the Department of Service: 

Department of Safety

The Department of Safety consists of the following departments: