Charter of the City of North Canton, Ohio

The Charter of the City of North Canton is the Constitution of the City. It empowers the elected officials of the City to perform their jobs within the confines given by the Charter.

  1. Preamble
  2. Article I Incorporation & Powers
  3. Article II The Council
  4. Article III Executive & Administrative Officers & Departments
  5. Article IV Taxation & Finance
  6. Article V Nominations, Elections, Qualifications
  7. Article VI General Provisions


We, the people of North Canton, Ohio, in order to secure the maximum benefits of municipal home rules and local self-government under the Constitution and Laws of the State of Ohio, do hereby adopt this Charter.

Clerk's Notes:

The Charter was last amended in 2017 pursuant to the recommendations of the 6th Charter Review Commission and the assent of the voters.

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