Part 1 Administrative Code - Title 3 Legislative

  1. Chapter 111 Council
  2. Chapter 113 Clerk of Council

Chapter 111 Council

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Section 111.01 Meetings, Time, Place, and Recording Procedure

  1. Council of the City of North Canton, Ohio, ("Council") shall meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
  2.  All meetings of Council shall be in Council Chambers, located in the North Canton Civic Center, 845 W Maple Street.

  3.  If a Council meeting date falls on a holiday recognized by the City, the meeting date shall be considered canceled unless rescheduled by vote of Council.  

  4.  The date and/or time of a Council meeting may be changed or canceled by a favorable vote of the majority of those members present at a prior Council or Committee of the Whole meeting, or upon the written request of four members of Council.

  5.  Council may meet as a Committee of the Whole on the second and fourth Monday, of each month at 7:00 p.m. and such other dates and times as Council may decide or may be called by the President of Council.

  6.  Council may annually establish a summer and/or winter break provided the Charter of the City of North Canton’s (“Charter”) requirement to hold one regular Council meeting each month is satisfied.

(Ord. 70-2020 eff. 11/23/2020)

Section 111.02 Council Structure

  1. Within the Charter’s limits, the President of Council shall supervise the Director of Law, Director of Finance, and Clerk of Council.
  2. Councilmember vacancies shall be filled in accordance with Section 5.05 of the Charter and as follows:
    1. Within the Charter’s limits, the President of Council shall have the power to set the entire schedule for Council vacancy applications and voting.
    2. Nominations to fill a Council vacancy shall be made from the floor of Council.
    3. The Council vacancy shall be filled by the individual receiving a majority of roll call votes from Council members.

(Ord. 70-2020 eff. 11/23/2020)

Section 111.03 Legislative Procedure

  1. At the Annual Organizational Meeting Council shall, by motion and vote of Council, adopt such rules and regulations as Council sees fit to govern its legislative process consistent with the Charter.
  2. All meetings of Council and its committees shall be recorded and transcribed into verbatim minutes which shall additionally state all those City Officials in attendance and seated at the dais.

(Ord. 70-2020 eff. 11/23/2020)

Section 111.04 Notice

(Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 121.22.)

  1. The Clerk shall post at a prominent place in the North Canton City Hall, the time, date, and place of all meetings of Council and the Council meeting as a Committee of the Whole which notices shall include the time, place, and purpose of such meeting.
  2. The prominent place described above shall be designated by Council motion from time to time.
  3. Upon request, any person, including news media, may obtain reasonable advance notice by e-mail or telephone number of all meetings of Council, Council meeting as a Committee of the Whole, and/or special meetings at which specific public business is to be discussed. The Clerk shall make a reasonable effort to notify the individual at the provided email address and/or telephone number and may use the meeting agenda as notification.

(Ord. 70-2020 eff. 11/23/2020)

Section 111.05 Communication with Constituents

  1. Any Council member that wishes to survey his or her constituents must meet the following conditions:
    1. The survey/letter may address only a single issue;
    2. The survey/letter may be sent only to residents directly affected by the issue addressed in the survey/letter;
    3. A majority of Council must determine that the content of the survey/letter relates to City business.
    4. A Council member may not send out a survey/letter to constituents within 90 days of an election of North Canton City Council members unless all of the following restrictions have been met:
      1. A majority of Council must agree that conditions (1), (2), and (3) above have been met; and
      2. The survey/letter does not contain the name of the sending Council member, but rather is signed, "North Canton City Council. "
  2. Councilmembers may utilize official City letterhead for communications provided that:
    1. A copy of all communications written using City letterhead shall be sent to, and kept on file by, the Clerk of Council.
    2. Letterhead shall only be used for communications relating to City business.
    3. Letterhead shall not be used to advocate for or against any candidate, referendum, recall, or other votes of the electorate in any capacity.
    4. Letterhead shall not contain personal phone numbers or email addresses but shall instead contain the number for the Office of Council and the email address for the position held.
    5. That all communications shall also comply with the provisions of Section 111.08, Communication with Constituents, of the Codified Ordinances.
  3. In order to ensure compliance with letterhead standards, the Clerk of Council shall not distribute the letterhead template. Council members may draft communications and send them to the Clerk to be placed on letterhead or request the Clerk to draft communications on their behalf.
  4. Councilmembers may use City envelopes to send any communications written on City letterhead.
  5. Councilmembers may utilize City business cards to represent themselves to the public subject to the following provisions.
    1. Upon request Councilmembers may be provided with up to 500 business cards, paid for by the City, per elected term, with at least 50 of such cards to be retained by the Office of Council to distribute to members of the Public that visit Council Offices in person. Any additional cards must be paid for by the Councilmember themselves.
    2. Business cards shall not only list personal phone numbers, but also the number for the Office of City Council.
    3. Business cards shall not list personal emails, only the email for the position held on Council.
    4. Business cards shall not list any titles or officers of Council such as Committee Chairman, President, or Vice President as these positions may be subject to frequent change.
    5. Business cards may not be used as, in conjunction with, or as part of, campaigning or election materials.
  6. The above restrictions shall not control correspondence between a Council member and the member's constituents if City resources are not utilized.

(Ord. 51-2020 eff. 11/11/2020)

Section 111.06 (Repealed)

(Ord. 77-2020 eff. 01/25/2021)

Section 111.07 (Repealed)

(Ord. 77-2020 eff. 01/25/2021)

Section 111.08 Salaries and Bonds

  1. Salaries and bonds for all elected officials and appointed officials and City employees shall be as established by Council.
  2. The public officials of the City of North Canton shall give bond in the amounts set below with premiums for such bonds to be paid by the City.
    1. The Mayor and Director of Administration shall give bond in the amount of $50,000.
    2. The Director of Finance shall give bond in the amount of $250,000.

(Ord. 27-2020 eff. 07/22/2020)