Part 13 Building Code - Title 1 Building Code

  1. Chapter 1301 Residential Building Code
  2. Chapter 1303 Razing of Buildings
  3. Chapter 1305 Moving of Buildings
  4. Chapter 1307 Flood Damage Reduction
  5. Chapter 1309 Multi-Family and Commercial Buildings
  6. Chapter 1311 Fire Loss Prevention/ Recovery

Chapter 1301 Residential Building Code

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Section 1301.01 Adoption

This chapter does hereby approve, adopt, and enact the 2004 Residential Code of Ohio for One-, Two- and Three-Family Dwellings, and subsequent editions or amendments as may hereinafter be adopted and promulgated by the International Code Council and the Ohio Building Officials Association for the City of North Canton, Ohio, together with all changes, amendments, and revisions thereto and made a part of this chapter as Section 1301.02, save and except such portions as are hereinafter deleted, amended or modified by these Regulations, are regulating the fabrication, erection, construction, enlargement, alteration, repair, location and use of detached one-, two- and three-family dwellings, their appurtenances and accessory structures in the jurisdiction of the City; and providing for the issuance of permits therefor providing penalties for the violation thereof, and repealing all ordinances and parts of ordinances in conflict therewith, with the exception of Appendix B, C and D of the North Canton Building Code.

Section 1301.02 Amendments, Modification, and Deletions

North Canton Building Department amendments to the Residential Code of Ohio 2004 Edition for 1, 2 and 3 family dwellings.

  1. The following sections of the 2004 Residential Code of Ohio have been deleted, or amended by the City of North Canton.*

*See Downloadable Version for list of Changes.