Part 9 Streets, Utilities, and Public Service Code - Title 1 Street and Sidewalk Areas

  1. Chapter 901 Streets Generally
  2. Chapter 602 Sidewalk Policy
  3. Chapter 903 Sidewalk and Curb Construction Standards
  4. Chapter 905 Sidewalk Repair and Replacement
  5. Chapter 907 Street Excavations
  6. Chapter 909 Registration of Contractors
  7. Chapter 911 Street Names

Chapter 901 Streets Generally

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Section 901.01 Paving; Street Types and Costs; Assessment

  1. Paving. The recommendations for paving streets by the Citizens Street Improvement Committee are adopted as the general plan and program for pavement of streets.  These recommendations may be revised by Council as future needs make it necessary.
  2. Street Types and Costs.  Streets are classified as Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3.  Costs of improvement shall be as follows:
    1. Type 1, the City shall pay forty-five percent (45%) of the entire cost of improvement.
    2. Type 2, the City shall pay thirty-five percent (35%) of the entire cost of improvement.
    3. Type 3, the City shall pay thirty percent (30%) of the entire cost of improvement.
  3. Assessment.  Corner lots shall be assessed seventy-five percent (75%) of the frontage to a maximum distance of 200 feet on each street.  All distances over 200 feet shall be assessed 100 percent (100%) of the frontage on each street.

Section 901.02 Sidewalk and Driveway Stake Fees

The charge for setting sidewalk and driveway stakes by the City Engineer shall be seventy- five dollars ($75.00).  This fee shall be paid to the Superintendent of Permits and Inspection before sidewalk or driveway stakes are set.