Part 11 Planning and Zoning Code - Title 3 Zoning Regulations

  1. Chapter 1121 Title, Purpose, and Application
  2. Chapter 1123 General Provisions
  3. Chapter 1125 Definitions
  4. Chapter 1127 Establishment of Districts and Map
  5. Chapter 1131 Park and Institutional District
  6. Chapter 1133 Single Family and Two Family Residential District Regulations
  7. Chapter 1135 Multi-Family Residential Districts
  8. Chapter 1136 Main Street Districts Regulations  
  9. Chapter 1137 Business District Regulations
  10. Chapter 1138 Mixed Use Overlay District Regulations
  11. Chapter 1139 Industrial District Regulations
  12. Chapter 1145 Conditional Use Regulations
  13. Chapter 1151 Signs
  14. Chapter 1153 Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations
  15. Chapter 1155 Landscaping, Screening, and Outdoor Lighting Regulations
  16. Chapter 1157 Wireless Telecommunication Facilities Regulations
  17. Chapter 1159 Nonconforming Uses, Buildings, Lots, and Structures

Chapter 1121 Title, Purpose, and Application

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Section 1121.01 Title

These rules, regulations, procedures and map shall be known, cited and referred to as the North Canton Zoning Ordinance, or this Ordinance.

Section 1121.02 Purpose 

This Ordinance establishes certain districts in the City and regulates and restricts the ways in which land can be used in order to promote the public health, safety, convenience, prosperity, or general welfare.

More specific purposes are to:

(a) Regulate the use of buildings, other structures and land for residential, business, industrial, and other uses;

(b) Regulate the area and dimension of lots, yards and other open spaces to provide adequate open spaces for light and air;

(c) Regulate the location, bulk, height, design and land coverage of buildings to protect the character and value of the residential, business, industrial, institutional, and recreational areas and to assure their orderly and beneficial development;

(d) Regulate the density of population to prevent overcrowding of the land and excessive concentration of the population;

(e) Manage congestion on the streets, to improve public safety by locating buildings and uses adjacent to streets in such a manner that they will cause the least interference with, and be damaged least by, traffic movements;

(f) Facilitate adequate provisions for public utilities and facilities such as recreation, school, sewerage, water, transportation and other public requirements;

(g) Establish districts of such classification and number as may be considered best to implement comprehensive planning to encourage the most appropriate uses of the land and guide the future development of the City; and

(h) Provide regulations and procedures for the administration, amendment and enforcement thereof.

Section 1121.03 Application

Unless specifically noted otherwise, the provisions of this Ordinance shall be considered as the minimum requirements necessary for public health, safety, and general welfare.

Section 1121.04 Conflicting Laws

This Ordinance shall not repeal, abrogate, annul or in any way impair or interfere with any existing law or ordinance, or any rules, regulations, deed restrictions or covenants heretofore or hereafter adopted or promulgated pursuant to law regulating the use of land or buildings.  However, in cases where this Ordinance imposes a greater restriction upon the use of buildings or premises, upon the height of buildings, upon the lot area per family or requires larger yards or other open spaces than are imposed or required by such other laws or ordinances, or by such rules and regulations, the provisions of this Ordinance shall control.

Section 1121.05 Scope

Nothing in this Ordinance shall be construed to limit Council in the exercise of all the powers to zone or redistrict now or hereafter authorized by the Ohio Constitution or Ohio statutes or the City Charter.

Section 1121.06 Severability

Sections and subsections of this Ordinance and the several parts or provisions thereof are hereby declared to be independent sections, subsections, parts and provisions, and the holding of any such section, subsection, part or provision thereof to be unconstitutional, void or ineffective for any cause shall not affect nor render invalid any other such section, subsection, part or provision thereof.