Property Code Enforcement Division

The Division of Property Maintenance Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of the City's Property Maintenance Code as codified in Part 17 of the City of North Canton Codified Ordinances more commonly referred to as nuisances. This includes responding to complaints, property inspections, and nuisance abatement.

How do I file a code complaint?

Code complaints can be filed by contacting code enforcement directly via the contact information to the right.

How do I follow up on a complaint?

In the course of investigating the complaint, the code enforcement officer will likely contact you for more information. While the code enforcement officer might follow up with you about the status of your complaint you will generally know that your complaint has been addressed when the circumstances leading to your complaint are resolved.

What happens if a complaint is filed against me?

If a complaint is filed against you and is substantiated, the code enforcement officer will contact you to try and resolve the issue without a violation or fine. If you correct the violation in a reasonable time period then no penalties will be pursued against you. If you fail to correct the violation then the City may pursue legal action to enforce correction of the violation.

Can I appeal a code complaint?

Yes. If you believe the code enforcement officer has made a mistake in the enforcement of the Property Maintenance Code you can appeal the officer's decision to the Property Maintenance Review Board.