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The NC Sun blog is a public communications effort published by the Office of City Council for the purposes of fostering an informed and engaged public that participates in public conversations.

The blog is titled "NC Sun" in honor of North Canton's former local newspaper the North Canton Sun, which historically provided the information needed for residents to stay informed but sadly ceased operations in 2001. This blog hopes to continue the tradition of that newspaper by ensuring citizens have free and easy access to information about City government. If you would like to explore historic North Canton Sun newspapers go to the North Canton Sun Archive maintained by the North Canton Public Library.

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What can I find in this blog?

NC Sun currently produces three content types for readers; weekly Council Bulletins, monthly Municipal Mastery stories; and Quarterly City Newsletters. Each publication serves a different role in informing the public. Each type of blog can be subscribed to individually or all together at

Council Bulletins

Council bulletins are a weekly publications published generally Tuesday of each week following the Monday night City Council meetings. The bulletins are design to help residents and local businesses keep up with legislation currently before City Council and provide easy access and transparency to the local legislative process. The blog are intended to take just 1-2 minutes to read allowing residents to learn about City Council without needing to watch an entire hour long meeting.

Council Bulletin Archive

Municipal Mastery

Municipal Mastery is a monthly blog series that provides in depth information on a current or important issue of City government. The blogs generally take about 15 minutes to read and are designed to help every resident gain a better understanding of the key functions of their local government or of major ongoing projects.

If you are a subscriber and have an topic you have always wondered about you can submit it as a potential blog topic here.

Municipal Mastery Archive

City Newsletters

City Newsletters are published on a quarterly basis and highlight the most important City initiatives, projects, and events of the past quarter. In addition the Newsletter highlights upcoming community events with an events calendar. The Newsletters are designed to be accessible to everyone and provide a high level look at what is happening in the City.

Newsletter Archive

  1. Spring 2022 City Newsletter

    Extra! Extra! The City's Spring 2022 Newsletter is officially here! Check out your copy at the link below to find out all the exciting things happening in the City this spring. Read on...
  2. Council Bulletin May 13, 2022

    This week North Canton City Council held a special council meeting on May 16, 2022, and discussed the following items: Read on...
  3. Council Bulletin May 10, 2022

    This week North Canton City Council held a regular Council meeting on May 9, 2022, and discussed the following items: Read on...
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