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Temporary Water Turn-Off Form

  1. If you will be away from your home or business for an extended period and do not wish to incur minimum water fees, you may request the City turn off your water service at the curb. For a one-time fee of $50, and on dates convenient for you, your water will be turned off when you leave and then back on when you return. The fee will be incurred upon shutoff. Note that we strongly recommend you are present for the turn-on appointment to verify no faucets have been left on and no water lines are leaking; you must sign a hold-harmless waiver if you decline to be present when the water is turned back on. Garbage service may also temporarily be suspended; please circle “Yes” or “No” on the form below. If you circle “Yes,” garbage charges will not be billed during your water turn-off period. Sewer service may not be temporarily shut off, however, because Stark County and the City of Canton charge the City for each customer on the system. Our Utility billing staff may estimate your sewer charges for the period you will be away if you wish to pay the fee in advance.
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